Rental Contract


The service « Bike Rental » is supplied by the business Village Vélo, à Uzes, (named hereafter the rentor) who is the owner of the rental bikes. The conditions of rental form an integral part of the Rental Contract. By his signature, the renter agrees to have read and fully understood these conditions.

1. Acceptance of bicycle

The renter accepts the bicycle in a good state of operation and cleanliness. If the renter has any issues with the state of the bike he must make this known to the rentor at the start of the rental period.

2. Return of bicycle

The renter must return the bicycle to the rentor at the end of the rental term as defined in the rental contract, at the location indicated in the rental contract and during the opening hours. The bike, along with any accessories supplied by the rentor (child seat, helmets, etc.) must be returned to the rentor in the same state that they were received. If the renter has lost or damaged any accessories, he will be charged for them.

3. Extension of rental period

An extension of the rental period is only allowed with the prior consent of the rentor. This must be agreed before the end of the rental period. The rentor can refuse an extension without giving the renter a reason.

4. Minimum age of renter

Children and minors aged less than 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.

5. Price list

Current prices are displayed by the rentor in the shop and on the rentor’s website.

6. Insurance

Insurance is the duty of the renter. By signing the rental contract, the renter confirms to have adequate insurance cover consistent with the risks of an excursion on a rented bicycle. The renter rides a bike on the roads and pathways entirely at his own risk. The rentor declines all responsibility.

7. Cycling helmet

If the renter uses and wears the helmet made available to him without he does so at his own risk. The rentor declines all responsibility.

8. Responsibility of the renter

The renter uses the bike in an appropriate way and takes good care of it. The renter is wholly responsible for any damage that is due to his own negligence or due to an inappropriate use of the bike. The use of the bike for competition or for any form of racing is strictly forbidden. In the case of any damage due to an accident, loss, theft or inappropriate use of a rental bike, the renter is responsible for all repair costs. In the case of a write-off or loss of the bike, the renter is liable for the replacement value of the bike.

9. Damage during the rental period

In the case of any damage during the course of his rental period, the renter can repair the bike at the nearest recognised bike shop. Upon presentation of the receipt, the renter can ask for a reimbursement of these costs if the repair was due to a faulty bike and not the fault of the renter.

10. Droit applicable

This contract is subject to French law. The competent court is that of Nîmes (30).

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